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Our School Bus Monitoring Solutions are specially designed to manage the school buses effortlessly by transforming them into Smart Buses. This service facilitates administrative tasks that go along with ensuring the safety of every child while travelling. Rear-Seat Infotainment solution an advanced multimedia device.

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These systems not only entertain passengers on the rear side of the vehicle, but also provide information regarding vehicle navigation and connectivity. Safety features are designed to avoid collisions and accidents by offering technologies that alert the driver to potential and or avoid collisions by implementing safeguards and taking over control of the vehicle.

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Driver Fatigue System is based on identifying suitable driver-related and vehicle related variables that are correlated to the drivers level of drowsiness. Helps to increase vigilance of the driver and make him alert from fatigue state by issuing timely warning could help to prevent many accidents. Our solutions are all designed to meet the unique demands of the automotive industry providing a complete, proactive approach to managing and administrating your fleet and or your personal vehicles.

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Login Remember me. Lost your password? Read more. This mobile number tracker software can trace Indian mobile number with name of operator. Know how to trace mobile number and track a mobile location.

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Whole India Trace mobile number by using this site. This India Mobile tracker site could be used to trace cell phone number. This is a faster way to trace India mobile number than any other phone tracker website. This mobile location tracker is better number tracker, a fast mobile number tracer as per Google search ratings. Now track Indian mobile number, or find location of mobile number in simple way.

The best site for mobile number trace, cell phone number trace. Google Android also offers tracing of your lost Android Mobile phone with online tool at google. You can find your mobile phone with details like battery status, and location details. It also shows WiFi details that Mobile phone is using.

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You can play a sound for 5 minutes. This feature is helpful in case if you have misplaced the Mobile phone anywhere in your home.

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It makes sound even if you have kept the Mobile Phone in Mute. You can also remotely lock or erase all the Mobile Phone content which is traced this way.


Your lost Apple iPhone can be also traced through iCloud service online. After logging in to iCloud you can trace the location of your Apple iPhone and send remote sound, lock and erase the iPhone Mobile.

PAJ’s GPS Tracker helps you to to knowwhere you valuable property is.

You can use share your live location of the mobile with any friends using this service. Your friends can see your phone location on the Google Map while you are moving in vehicle, train or walking. However this mobile location sharing service is restricted from 15 minutes to 8 hours maximum.

After the specified time the mobile location will not be shared with your friends.

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