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Spyzie is another one of the best popular Android location tracking apps.

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Besides, it helps you record the messages of the victim, their call log, monitor IM chats, web browsing history, keylogger, GPS tracking, geo-fencing, and a lot more. It is compatible with all the leading versions of Android and iOS. Glympse is a spontaneous all-round GPS tracking app for Android that has unrivalled power to track your location without compromising your privacy.

You can easily track a delivery, know the exact location of friends and colleagues, or inform people in your contact about their location. As well as letting you plot the position of your kids or spouse on a map, it includes integrated messaging features. It has ability to sense crash, send emergency messages and size up your driving pattern. Find My Device is exclusively developed by Google for locating your mobile device.

It is fully compatible with almost all Android versions and maintains your information safely.

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To track someone's location, you need to sign in your Google account and turn on Location Service on your phone. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and runs in a stealth mode. Click the Sign Up option on the top right corner of this page and enter your valid e-mail to create an account. Then make the password for it. After that, you will receive a confirmation link, simply navigate to your Email address, tap the link to activate your account, then follow the Setup Wizard to complete the following setup process.

Choose the operating system that is running on the target device. Here, we are selecting Android.

Currently, there are only two editions: Premium Edition, Ultimate Edition available. Both editions support for 1-month subscription, quarter subscription and 1-year subscription, you can check the here. Select a subscription you want and move on. At last, you can see a control panel on your computer. After successfully subscribed the service, you will get a download link, simply download and setup the PanSpy app on you mobile device. Login in with your PanSpy account and authorize PanSpy to access data on the monitored mobile phone according to the instructions.

With the help of this application, you can keep your kids safe in a friendly and easy way. You can remotely check the location of you kids and set up geofencing. This application uses the latest technology and advancements of GPS to track the location of any mobile phones. You can use this to track the location of your child at any time to make sure they are in a safe and secure area.

This application can also be used in cases when you lose your cell phone or if your cell phone gets stolen. It has the free feature of location monitoring which can be used to track down the location of your child's whereabouts. The real-time updates of your child's location can be got using this application. It comes in a stealth mode, which means your child would not get to know that their mobile phone is being monitored. This is popular location tracking application which can share the real-time location using GPS tracking. It acts a bridge between families, friends or co-workers.

You can invite you friends or families to join Glympse group and share location using dynamic map. You can also use this app to track the location of employees and know where they are. This app doesn't require sign up. Some scenarios require the need to track the location of the mobile phones. A few examples of such scenarios are your cell phone getting stolen or lost, your kid getting kidnapped or lost their way, and many other situations. These applications offer a simple way to help you out during such scenarios.

Out of all the applications, KidsGuard Pro is the most recommended product which not only works as an amazing location tracking app but it also has many other features which can be used to monitor your kid's activities and keep them safe from any kind of danger. Now you can start the location tracking with the 3-day free trial offered. An experienced technology blogger and editor who has spent more than a decade writing about software, gadgets, and computing etc all over the Internet.

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FlexiSPY™ Unique Android Spy App — Reveals Secrets Others Cannot

Cody Walsh Last updated Oct 14, pm Track. KidsGuard Pro There are plenty of issues online and there are high chances that your child may get affected by it.

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  4. Easy to install and it becomes invisible as soon as it is installed on the target device. You can view the messages, call history, videos, images etc. Applications like WhatsApp, Viber, and Kik etc can also be tracked. Cons: The price of this application is a little bit on the higher side. FamiSafe App FamiSafe is one of the best applications which can be used to track your child's location. Pros: Accurate real time location can be tracked with this application. Cons: Phone's battery gets drained easily. The phone's functioning becomes very slow. Set Geofences and get alerts when your kids arrive or leave a certain location.

    Flexispy Phone Tracker Do you think your kids lie to you about their location? Features Highly accurate and reliable GPS location tracker. Know your children current as well as past location. It can work in the background. You can find date and time when the target was at a certain location. Features You can track the location of the target anytime. Accurate and reliable GPS location. Can track location even when there is no GPS. Features Track multiple devices at the same time.


    It runs in the background and keeps sending the location of the target. Record location data even when no internet is available. Features Get GPS location in real time.

    Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android

    Set the intervals at which to receive location updates. View location history of the target. Features An easy to use tool for tracking GPS location of your kids. Get a full report of the location history of all the paces that the target went to. Also get date and time details for a particular location. Track location remotely.

    Supported OS - Supports Android up to 7. Features Check the current location of your kids. Track the route followed by the target.